Citrix Optimizer - DO NOT REMOVE THE STORE

So I bet you are wondering why?

So there's a bug. You may never encounter the bug. But if you do, then you will regret removing the Windows Store. 

Let me start by saying, the Citrix Optimizer is by far one of the best around. I use it even when I'm not optimizing for Citrix. However, if you are using it on a Windows 10 machine then it will likely try to optimize by removing the Windows Store. DO NOT LET IT!!!

What should you do? Remove all other apps and use a GPO to disable the Windows Store. 

What happens if I remove it? Well, the symptoms are pretty widespread, and unfortunately opening a ticket may not lead you to this conclusion.

What I've seen in the field is this: Customer has OneDrive files on-demand GPO in place and customer is using Office 365 with SSO. If OneDrive loads first, then Office prompts for credentials no matter what. It will literally never SSO. If the customer turns off files on-demand GPO, then the SSO works properly.

If you reinstall the Windows Store (it is a pain to do as you must use the Inbox Apps iso), then the SSO and OneDrive files on-demand all work fine. 

So that means to me, just don't remove it. Yes, you've heard it helps to reduce login times. However, that is still true if you remove all the apps and only keep the Store. 

You can "Turn off the Store" via GPO and remove the ability to use it. But at least it is still there for when random odd things like the above occur.


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