ADC (NetScaler) Upgrade - LDAPS go bye bye???

So you upgraded to 13.0 79.64 and your LDAPs stopped working?

So, there are few options to fix this.

You can modify your LDAP to use 389. 👎👎👎 This is not a good idea and please don't do that.

You can edit your LDAP monitor and remove the secure checkbox. 👎👎 I wouldn't do this either, but if you must! Just don't tell anyone that I said it.

The best solution and what worked for me is to make sure in your monitor, you have a filter, cn=builtin. If this doesn't fix the issue, then also make sure your service account isn't locked out. After the upgrade, the monitor tries to do its job and it fails (likely locking the account out). 

Update: This is still an issue in future builds. I've seen some forums state that also changing the Bind username from DN to UPN or from UPN to DN also fixed the issue. Neither of these worked for me.

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