FSLogix + Citrix App Layering

 After pounding my head against the wall a few times, I figured I might save others the same frustration.

What happens?

You set up Citrix App Layering. 

You set up FSLogix.

You create a published image.

App Layering is working great. You see the FSLogix VHDs getting created. However, no profile data is being saved. Basically, you get an FSLogix VHD completely formatted with no data.

Why is this happening?

Fun times in Microsoft world?!?! No, not funny?? Ok, so ultimately, it is all a matter of timing. The app layering driver is called prior to the FSLogix driver in an order that Microsoft calls Altitude. The prevent this from occurring in that order, you have set the altitude for FSLogix to occur before App Layering.

Yeah ok, How do I fix it?

Open up the layer, you installed FSLogix on


Set the value 138010

Then reboot the machine.

Yeah, if you banged your head against the wall, then join the club. If you found this post, then it was my pleasure to save you the pain.


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